Thursday, April 1, 2010


sweet, sweet babies. Yep, you got it...another precious little one, and this is still not the last of 'em. There are three more coming soon to the MaddieBug Blog. What a gorgeous family this was and what precious little girls. S, I know you saw the color version of the bowl and fell in love but I could not help myself with the black and white version. It's just too stunning not to show off. Don't worry, you will have it in color in your proofs so you can chose your favorite. We got a ton of pics yesterday believe it or I'll be in touch very, very soon with the rest to prove it to ya! Until then...Enjoy, and I'll be back this weekend with a super fun engagement session to blog about (if the storms don't rain on our parade). Have a Happy Easter y'all!!!


Anna Thomas

Area.....Talladega, Alabama



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