Friday, June 26, 2009

Doll baby...

And I mean "Doll!" Golden curls, pink cheeks, pudgy lips, cute little front teeth, and big, deep blue eyes. This little princess just turned one, and you may recognize her. I first met her when she was just a tiny little 5 month old in the fall, and this is not the last I will have the pleasure of photographing her. She will be visiting me again in the next couple of weeks and bringing 6 other kiddos along for an afternoon in the country, with a little bit of guitar playing and just to be fun and fancy free. is a little peek for you, and I can't wait to meet again for the rest of your beautiful family. It's going to be an afternoon to remember!!! Good luck to CJ, and I'll be seeing y'all very soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Surprise for Momma...

I don't even know where to start with this one. Let me first say that this was a very special session for me. I got to spend this gorgeous Alabama afternoon with two very special people in my life. My brother Patrick and first cousin Michael. Anytime spent with my little brother means more to me than he could ever imagine. He is such an important part of my life. Michael has been overseas serving our country for the last 3 years, so it was an honor getting to see him on his very short visit home from Iraq. He wanted to surprise his mother and get some photos done before he leaves in a couple of weeks. I will be surprising her with a package after he is back overseas. He has found a love for the guitar while in Iraq, and plays beautifully. I could sit and listen to him play all day long. I know they are both going crazy wanting to see these photos. They wanted me to show them some as soon as we were finished this evening. So, Michael and Pap, enjoy this tiny peek, and I love you both!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


As promised, this is more of the family from last Sunday. We finished up at a different location today and had a blast. It was super quick and completely relaxed. They are such a beautiful family. I even got an invitation for my husband and me to go 4-wheeler riding with them. We are definitely going to take them up on that. J&L we can't wait!!! Thank you guys for being so much fun to work with. Here is your tiny peek, and I'm sure you know there are lots, lots more. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blue eyes...

And I mean blue!!! These boys have the most gorgeous, bluest eyes I have ever seen. Little C is turning 1 and still not a single tooth in his mouth. I just loved his gummy little smile. And T has the cutest freckles ever. This was a super fun, and SUPER hot session. I guess in order to have a gorgeous afternoon in the summer in Alabama you have learn to deal with the heat. Once again it was 90 degrees and H.O.T.!!! We started getting some clouds around sunset so we will be meeting again in the next few days for a quick sunset session. You will be seeing more of these two by the end of the week. As always there are lots more...this is just a quick peek. L, I've go my fingers crossed for a gorgeous sunset in the next few days. Until then get rested up for another hot afternoon in the country.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Socializing...facebook style...

We now have a facebook fan page. This has been a very confusing addition to our many internet sites. We are slowly learning social networking. Make sure to become a fan to take advantage of the special offers and contest that we will have going on. There is a link over to the right that will direct you right to it. To make this an even better post I have a couple more amazing photos from my most recent session.

Anna Thomas

Area.....Talladega, Alabama



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