Friday, February 26, 2010

Super, super...

quick is what this blog is going to be. I have got to get my tail in the bed and get ready for another busy weekend here at MaddieBug Photography. We have a had a huge week and aren't even close to being finished just yet. We've got one more new thing coming soon and I'm so, so excited about it, just wait...Sneak peeks will never be the same, and to finish our week off we've got a gorgeous senior, and a gorgeous mommy & daddy to be (very soon). So don't go to far y'all because I'll be right back here showing some more pretty faces before you know it. Now, about this session today...Oh goodness guys, OK, I had the most beautiful 11 year old, what, huh, yeah that's right, ELEVEN year old come to visit me on this gorgeous afternoon for a few pageant pics. This is usually the part where I tell you all about the session and how drop dead gorgeous she is but, I don't think I have to juice this up for her one bit. know your gorgeous girl!!! This is just the tiniest little peek and believe me, you and your momma are going to have a hard, hard time picking which one to send in because it took me forever to decide on two for your little tease. I'll be in touch with you guys soon...Until then...Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A fresh, new..

Super fantabulous site is waiting for all of you to come on over and adore her. I have had this in the works for quite some time now...lots, and lots of late nights and frustrations. I did not think I would ever get it complete. Of course when it comes to my work I am a perfectionist so I had to make sure it was all completely perfect and I know I probably changed everything and rearranged at least 27 times. So, you know it's there. I cannot wait for you all to take the grand tour!!!!!! Same MaddieBug spot ( Don't let me keep you! I'll see y'all soon with some more little peeks!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ready, set, GO...

And I'm off...Let's start this week with some super duper adorable faces why don't we?!?! These two kiddies were suppose to come visit with me last weekend, but with all the nasty weather we had, we decided to wait until yesterday, and oh my goodness, let me tell ya, we were glad we did. It was so, so gorgeous. We even broke out a blue jean mini skirt for girlfriend and all her cuteness. They wanted nothing much to do with my camera and me and definitely did not want to cuddle with each other and give hugs and sugars, but to your surprise Momma...guess what...we managed to get some of the cutest little shots ever. So, without any further ado, (because I must show you that I wasn't kidding about the cutest ever thing) here is a tiny little tease. I'll be in touch soon with lots more...Until then...Enjoy!!! As for all you other folks, don't go too, too far...I'll be back with 3 more peeks this week, along with something new that I CANNOT wait to share with you guys. See y'all soon!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I big, fat, puffy heart...

these books!!! Hello again y'all! Just after posting the sneak peek earlier today I had a knock on the door and a man in a brown suit with a much anticipated package for me. This is for a client, but I had to have a quick little photo session to show this deliciousness off before I send it her way. This is my new fave product and I love, love, love 'em!!! This is an 8x8 custom designed coffee table book (now offered in 10x10 also). Completely unique with thick, hinged, lay flat pages (so none of the image is lost in the middle), optional text, and custom cover (comes standard with leather). Perfect as a gift or keepsake, and delivered in a Eco-friendly keepsake box. These are just one of the items on sale this month only. You don't want to miss out on this months perks. If you want one of these for yourself, contact me for details. See y'all soon!

Cold and gloomy...

but who really notices (or minds) when you are working with a family this beautiful?!?! I have said this before, I know, and you will probably hear me say it 4,897 times more, but this is the cutest little boy EVER. I mean seriously, look at these huge, and I mean huge blue eyes. Just melts my heart!!! If he is already this gorgeous at 6 months...just imagine...Dads, you better be lockin' up your daughters. Of course when you have parents this pretty, what do you expect?!?! In honor of Valentine's Day I had to throw a little red in this session, which as you can see, this little man rocked it like a pro. Mommy and Daddy, I hope your little monkey feels much better in a few days and I'll be in touch before you know it with the rest, and you have lots. Until then...Enjoy!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's gonna be a bright, bright...

sun shiny day!!! Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous...was it not?!?! This is the first session I've had in the sunshine in a long, long time, and I had two big smiles to make it even brighter. I know I told you all that we would be making a big announcement today with a super cute pic to go with it but we'll have to hold off on this big reveal just a tad longer. Me and this chickiepoo go way, way back. We actually started in pre-school together and then became great friends my freshman year in high school (OK, OK...that was almost 15 years ago). I first met her sweet hubby right after they first met 10 years ago. Way before she even knew he was "the one." She moved away right after that and we haven't seen each other until this fabulous little session we had yesterday, so we had lots of catching up to do. That was not a problem...we had tons of time and lots of locations to visit. B&D, it was great seeing you both and catching up. Y'all are just too cute together. I know you are needing something to brighten your day, so lets get on with this fabulous little peek I've got for you!!! You have a ton more where these came from but you'll just have to be patient!!! I'll be in touch before you know it! Until then...Enjoy!!!

Anna Thomas

Area.....Talladega, Alabama



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