Sunday, January 31, 2010


Okie dokie pokies!!! Our first special of the year and although it will not be Valentine themed or have cute and tiny cards involved, I think you will be equally satisfied with what I am about to announce. Since we are already just about completely full until May I will not be messing with session fees...I'm going to mix things up a little bit and give y'all some fabulous print perks. For the entire month of February all specialty products are 25% off. This includes our beautiful canvas wall portraits, fine art canvas gallery wraps, custom designed DVD slide show keepsakes, and our super exquisite custom designed coffee table books (I will have a little peek of one of these hot mommas by the end of the week). If you have already had a session with MaddieBug this is for you too. You probably had that one photo that you just could not stop thinking about, now is the time to show it off to everybody. Perhaps Grandmother has a birthday coming up and you can't think of a thing to get her, our books are the perfect gift and completely unique. Or, you may have an empty wall that you just cannot figure out what in the world to do with, a canvas is definitely the answer. For those of you that have already had a session with us, call or email us today to take advantage of this awesome special. If you have a session or order coming up just make sure to include your choice product in your order and the discount will apply.

I will be back with y'all shortly. I have a huge announcement to make and I know my clients from today absolutely cannot wait for their little peek and big news to go public. You will all see why tomorrow so stay tuned!!!

You all know that I can't leave y'all without a picture so here is an oldie but a goody. Who doesn't love dimply baby booties (complete with a coonskin cap) right?!?! See y'all soon!!! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sweet, sweet...

sweet Murphy and Shelby. I was given the utmost pleasure of photographing two of the most precious doggy babies yesterday. I am already a huge animal lover and dogs just happen to be my favorite, but these two, especially Murphy captured my heart and probably will never let it go. Just so you know who is who...Murphy is the gigantic, black hunk, and Shelby is the gorgeous, tan, camera hog. I want to share their story with y'all so that these photos mean that much more to all of you reading. I have so many people on the edge of their seat, waiting on this heartfelt story.

Let me start by saying Murphy and Shelby are very blessed to have their human parents. They were both adopted from rescue shelters and given a life that has spoiled them to the core. A life that unfortunately not many animals are given the opportunity to have. Murphy was rescued 7 1/2 years ago as an itty bitty puppy out of California and has been the baby of the family until Shelby just recently. He has been by M&D's side through it all. College days, marriage, and moving. Shelby is about 2 years old and was rescued from Shelby County Humane Society. She is Murphy's new baby sister and definitely has all the baby sister qualities. He knows when he needs to put her in her place. She will chase his ball and get to it quicker than him but she knows not to pick it up...She leaves it sitting there just for him. He has told her that the ball is his only. She has her outside toys and he has his.

Around October 2009 Murphy started having trouble breathing at night. M&D took him to their regular veterinarian who then sent him to Auburn for further tests. It was the news they were given November 9Th that would change this beautiful family forever. Murphy was diagnosed with Canine Lymphoma. Lymphoma is a cancer that causes malignant tumors in the organs and lymph nodes. It is a very serious disease and can be fatal. The life expectancy without treatment is a couple of months and with treatment a year and a half. When they were told the prognosis they knew what they had to do. With regular chemotherapy it is possible to send this nasty disease into remission. Murphy has 10 treatments left and apart from getting a tad tired every once in a while he has responded wonderfully. The doctor says his blood count is looking much, much better. I have faith that Murphy will beat this nasty monster inside of him and he will be here to see his photograph hanging on the wall for many years to come.

M&D I cannot express to you enough how much I enjoyed my time with you and your precious babies and I feel completely honored to capture these priceless memories for you. My thoughts and prayers are with both of you, Murphy, and Shelby. I hope you don't mind, this is a super huge sneak peek but that's only because I just could not pick a few favorites out of the huge pile of keepers you have. Give Murphy and Shelby a huge kiss from me and I will be in touch with you guys very soon with the rest from this AMAZING session. Until then...Enjoy!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We're not in Kansas anymore...

Not that any of you (or me) ever were, but this handsome little monkey and his beautiful Mommy drove all the way from that very place just to visit me here in Alabama. This was my first official day back at work in 3 weeks and I am so glad to be back with y'all! The holidays with my family was completely AMAZING but, I felt completely lost without all of you guys keeping me busy as a bee. I am so super excited about MaddieBug's 2010 season and cannot wait to meet all these new people that already have me on my toes until Spring. We have got lots of things planned for this year and I for one cannot wait to get started. Today's session was a perfect start for 2010. This has got to be the most active little 14 week old I have ever seen with the biggest, prettiest blue eyes ever. He was rolling over and even holding his head up for me to get some cute little hats on him. He showed up decked out in the cutest collared shirt and sweater vest under the most adorable corduroy coat ever and to finish the outfit off, the tiniest little Wallabee shoes ever made. Oh goodness, I could've just ate him up I tell ya! Pure cuteness!!! His gorgeous Mommy brought the sweetest little vintage hat ever and you all know how I am with baby hats and anything vintage, so she totally rocked my world with that hat. Mary...I hope you guys have a safe trip back home and I cannot wait to see your chunky monkey again in a few months. This is just a tiny peek and it was so, so hard for me to narrow it down to just a few favorites, you have soooo many more. I will be in touch very soon with the rest...and as always...until then...Enjoy!

Anna Thomas

Area.....Talladega, Alabama



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