Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chunkin Munkin...

Hello, hello, hello!!! I hope you all had the most fantastic Thanksgiving ever and got lots of yummy things to eat. I, without a doubt had a pretty fabulous one myself and it's not quite over for me just yet. My family and I will be traveling about 2 hours North in the morning to visit with the rest of our family for Thanksgiving dinner there. So, I need to be headed to my comfy bed if I'm ever going to get up in time, but first...You all know I have to tell you about this TOTALLY AWESOME session I had with this AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS family. We started in the nursery, making our way to the family room floor where we rolled and giggled (and drooled a little, OK a lot but it's baby slobber, it's adorable right), then found ourselves at the most amazing (like beyond amazing) location ever, then back home to a bubble bath in the kitchen sink. FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!! This little guy was such a good little model with baby fat rolls for days and days. You just wanna grab him and squeeze! I know Mommy and Daddy can't wait to see this teeny tiny little peek so I'm going to get on with the show. B&N you have so, so, so many more. I will be in touch soon with the rest. Until then...Enjoy!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Can you guys believe that Thanksgiving is just 4 days away?!?! That means that Christmas is just around the corner. I guess when you're having fun time sure does fly, and it will be 2010 before we even know it!!! But, before things start getting too crazy with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I managed to squeeze in just a couple more sessions. I had the pleasure of spending yesterday afternoon with yet another BIG family, and again at a very special, one of a kind (and beautiful, I might add) place. I had a very exciting session planned for today with a cute-n-chunky 6 month old little man in the comfort of his on home and the rain and gloominess just was not having it, so, you'll be meeting him later on in the week. I'm going to hop right to this teeny little peek because this girl has got lots, and lots, and lots.....of editing to do if I'm going to get finished in time to stuff myself with yummy turkey and dressing. As always...Mrs. Trisha, y'all have sooo many more on the way soon! Until then...Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


and not a single one of these three people fall anything short of just that. I'm sure once you see this tiny, and I mean tiny little peek, you won't think any differently. This day has been planned for several, several months now and I have gone crazy waiting on it to get here. This was a very exciting day for MaddieBug Photography. This gorgeous couple is granting me the honor of photographing their "big day" this coming April, and it just so happens to be my first. So today was hopefully the start of a great and long relationship with this family. Also, just in case you did not see the blog from earlier this evening, we also drew the winner of the Christmas gift. Congrats again to The LaClair family. They have been given a session for 4 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Now, the juicy stuff about today. They brought along their little boy, which just so happens to be the cutest ,big brown eyed little man I have ever laid my eyes on. He joined us for just a few quick snaps and then left us to finish up our fun filled afternoon, but only after finally giving me a big ROLL TIDE!!!! What a cutie patootie!!!! Let me just tell y'all, today I did things that I haven't ever done during a session before. I got to lay in the middle of the road (that's always fun right?!?!) and even did a wee bit of trespassing, kinda sorta, not really, but ran across a gorgeous yellow tree in someones front yard that I just had to use, so thank goodness for public sidewalks (and the tree that just happened to be in the background) ;). We had lots of fun...didn't we Lance??? He was not interested in picture taking at all, but you can't tell. They both did an amazing job, and made mine sooo super easy. Bliss, let me just tell you chick...This is not even close to the number of amazing pictures we got today, so just get ready, because you have lots more coming your way very soon!!! Until then...Enjoy!!!!

And the winner is...

It's finally here folks!!! The moment we've all been anxiously waiting for. We have a winner for the Christmas gift giveaway. For those of you that are wondering what this is, let me fill you in real quick. Every client that had a session with MaddieBug Photography in 2009 was entered into a drawing for a Christmas gift to be given by me. The gift is a one of a kind session for 4 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Now, let's announce this winner!!! ***DRUMROLL PLEASE***...and the lucky winner is...Tara LaClair!!! Big supa dupa CONGRATULATIONS to you Mrs. LaClair and I can't wait to see you guys at the Gardens in a few months. Don't go too far y'all!!! I will be teasing you all with a tiny peek from today's fabulicious engagement session. See you all back in a bit!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Short and sweet...

and that's how I have to keep it. I have got to hit the sack and get at least a few hours of shut eye if I'm going to make it through the super awesome day I have planned for tomorrow. But just quickly, a bit about the fab time I had this afternoon. This is 4 generations of super fun folks!!! I have known this family for almost 16 years now, and love each and every one of them. This seriously is the funnest family I know and the sweetest kiddos ever. ya girl!!! OK...I promised I was keeping this short, and I am, but first...Make sure to check back in tomorrow night. I will be photographing my very 1st bride and groom's engagement session, and it's going to be a session to remember...You don't want to miss the sneak peek. For those of you who may have gorgeous bride is going to be drawing one very lucky person's name for my Christmas gift. If you have had a session with MaddieBug in 2009 you don't want to miss tomorrow's blog. That very lucky person could be you!!! I'll see y'all tomorrow night, and good luck to you all!!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the country...

and just the way I like it!!! I had the biggest pleasure of spending Sunday afternoon with a super duper fun family on their family farm way out in the country. If you ask me, that is the way to spend a perfect Sunday afternoon too. Gorgeous sunset, beautiful, loving family, and in the middle of land for days. We met in the middle of it all at a very special place for them all. The house where it all began many years ago with the Greats. We had lots of laughs, and lots of hugs, and we even convinced Paw paw to give Granny a big ole' smooch for us (but only on the noggin). I think by far that it is the sweetest photo I have ever taken. However you will not see it here in this little peek. I wanted to save it for later along with the many, many, many more you have on the way. So without any further ado (since this is a few days late) here is your tiny little peek folks. As always, you have lots more on the way very soon. Until then...Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I can remember when I was a little girl, my Momma would put my little brother and me in the car and we would ride down our little country road with the windows down just so we could hear the leaves crunching under the tires. Fall has been my favorite season since. What's not to love?!?! Perfect weather, tons of gorgeous colors, pumpkin carving, cute kiddos in adorable costumes, and lets not forget the one day of the year that it's OK to eat more than your body can handle and not feel guilty. Now...enough about this most blissful time of year and onto this sneak peek. This gorgeous family made my job hardly even seem like "real work" this afternoon. Little K, a whole 3 months old was just a little angel, and her big brother was a perfect tiny gentleman once he found out he could go slide once he was finished. Super duper big thank you to Mrs. Trisha for another adorable hat. You are just too, too sweet!!! I usually always try to post a few in color and black and white but I just could not make myself post any black and whites with all these gorgeous colors we had going on today. I cannot make Mommy & Daddy wait any longer so lets hop to it. Remember this is just a tiny peek. As always you have so many more to come very soon. Until then...Enjoy!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just quickly, before I get to this fabulous sneak peek, I want to wish you all a very Happy Halloween. I don't know about y'all but I thought tonight was just perfect despite the fact that everyone thought it would be a disaster with it being race weekend and all. We got to take the most gorgeous little kitty cat trick-or-treating and filled up her pumpkin in just enough time to park on the side of the road and get to watch the fireworks. She had her speech down perfect with each house we went to. She of course said "Trick-or-Treat" only after shouting a big "ROLL TIDE" and then had to let them know before she left that her name for the night was Figaro. I love that girl!!! Now...onto this amazingly gorgeous senior!!! What can I say?!?! Jeans and cowgirl that's my kinda' girl!!! I knew as soon as she stepped out of the truck that she and my camera would get along just fine, and I was right. I will not ever get tired of looking through this girl's photos. I have said it so many times, and I promise you I will say it many, many times more...but this I think was the hardest peek I have ever done. I have tons, and tons of favorites. Tanya & Lindsey, I so enjoyed my afternoon with you guys. Give Striker a big thanks for me for being such a sweet (and hungry) boy. He was so handsome for his big debut. I will be in touch very soon with so, so, so many more for you...until then...Enjoy!!!

Anna Thomas

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