Saturday, July 18, 2009


Is this not the cutest little 3 month old you have ever seen? She was such a little stinker. She would drift off and we thought " we go she is about to fall asleep and we are gonna milk it." As soon as I'd pull my camera out she'd start cooing and smiling. She was just teasing me. She of course thought it was funny and would laugh every time she woke up from her pretend nap. I really enjoyed this session. This is the youngest daughter of a dear friend of mine. We grew up together and it was a privilege getting to spend the afternoon with her and her adorable little M. She has 4 more cuties at home so I'm sure this is not the last time I will have the pleasure of photographing her or her beautiful children. M, I saw this rest tonight in town...they all remembered my name and hugged me as soon as they saw me. You have some AMAZING children and I can't wait to spend an afternoon with the whole family. Here is the tiniest little peek and I will be back with more very soon.


Anna Thomas

Area.....Talladega, Alabama



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