Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sun, and hiking, and cold water, oh my!!!

Ok, so you may recognize this beautiful senior from a few weeks ago. Remember I said that we weren't done, well, we finally finished today. Let me just tell you the story. I had this fantastic idea that we could go to High Falls which is about 35 minutes out of the county. I just knew we were going to get shots galore at these gorgeous waterfalls. Sounds fascinating huh? Well, the hike up to these falls was not as easy as I remember it being about 8 years ago. When you get to the water you have to cross a small brook to continue on the beaten path to these magnificent falls. Well it seems that every time I have ever had to cross rocks and water I always break flip flop. Yep you heard me right, I wore flip flops hiking. But remember I said I thought this was going to be an easy hike. So I had to leave my shoes at the bottom of this mountain and hike the rest of the way barefoot with my heavy camera bag over my shoulder and holding my reflector bag in my hand. It was OK on the way up because my feet were numb from being frozen solid by the below freezing water flowing off this mountain. So after this strenuous hike to the top the sun was beaming down through the trees overhead and we got sunspots no matter where we sat. Eventually I found a nice little rock and a tree just across the trail to hang my reflector from, and viola, instant shade. So we hiked back down the mountain to the trail head below only to find that what seemed to be a nice little walk up to the mountain is not covered with rocks beneath my tender feet. So I walked about 1/2 mile to my vehicle with one shoe on and tip-toeing with the other.

Needless to say...I don't think I will be going back out to high falls. But even after treading freezing water, breaking my favorite flip flops, and hiking until I could not breath, we still managed to get a couple of fabulous shots. I promised her I would have a tiny peek for her. Enjoy these photos folks because you won't be seeing any more from me at this location.

Also make sure to check back tomorrow night. I will have a sneak peek from a session with a beautiful Mommy, Daddy, and Big brother to be.


Anna Thomas

Area.....Talladega, Alabama



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