Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rain, rain go away...

Come again another day (and not soon). Now if this was last year in the middle of the drought I would not feel this way but I'm feeling a little water logged after all of this rain and especially after getting soaked to the bone today in two very sudden downpours. It seems I've dodged rain, tornadoes, and storms with every senior I've had this year. I guess it just wouldn't feel like a perfect senior session without at least a little sprinkle or two, or three thousand. So then again no complaints here after all! Despite the rain we still managed to get some awesome shots of this super sweet senior. What an uplifting personality and spirit this girl has. She has had some major tests thrown in her lap and has not let them get in her way or bring her down. If anything they have made her stronger and such a beautiful person. Our last stop of the day was kind of accidental. We went to one of my favorite locations and it turned out that the parking lot where we all parked was the parking lot of her grandparent's old convenience store and car wash. I told her I would have to blog about this because it was too sweet of a story not to. Their house was built just behind the store which is all grown up with trees now. Her mother grew up there and was telling us how everyday when she was a little girl she would walk over and play on the railroad tracks. The store is being torn down now but the car wash is still standing strong as well as one lonely old vacuum. So the half standing vacuum reading .75 cents that you see is very special to her and her family. We all joked about the .75 cents because I'm sure when her grandparents owned it, it was nowhere near that much. Regardless of the cost or how rugged and broke down it may be, it made a perfect spot for some awesome, and very special photos. I could go on and on all night about how much fun and uplifting this session was, but you all know I can't. Sweet were so much fun! I had a really hard time picking my favorites to show you in this tiny peek. As always you have soooo many more to come very soon!!! Until then, enjoy!!!


Anna Thomas

Area.....Talladega, Alabama



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